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We Can Help You Recoup Retail Vendor Charge Backs Quicker. 

Chargebacks from retailers can be a serious problem for vendors. Large and small retailers list their “compliance guidelines” and vendors who don’t comply can incur severe penalties. Every year, vendors forfeit tens of thousands of dollars and even into the millions from Retailers and their Chargebacks. In short, Chargebacks can be a vendors’ worst nightmare! They can literally put you out of business!

One might say that the easiest way to avoid Chargebacks is to avoid them from the beginning by trying your best to comply with a Retailers Vendor Guide. But this is often easier said than done.

High-Quality Back-Office Support is crucial to Suppliers. 360 Solutions offers numerous Back-Office Services, and all of our Services can save your company significant amounts of money, however of all the issues and day-to-day challenges of running your business at a profit, the issue of Chargebacks ranks among one of the most critical. Our sophisticated Software can greatly reduce Chargebacks from Retailers and put Wholesalers on the track to greater profits.

Common Causes of ChageBacks
Reduce Chagebacks

As you may know, depending on the “infraction”, the amount of money  “Charged Back” to your company will vary. One chargeback can even trigger ancillary charges and they add up quickly. Affecting your Gross Margins and Profitability! These chargebacks cost wholesalers tens of thousands, even millions

of dollars, depending on the infractions. 

As a result, chargeback reduction is a crucial profit

center for wholesalers. Although chargeback recovery can help, avoiding chargebacks in the first place is the best strategy, so quality back-office support is critical

to wholesalers.

A few examples include; Late Shipments of merchandise that can result in as much as a 10% or more Chargeback to your company. Even an incorrect label can be charged back at up to $5.00 per label.  A wrong or incorrectly filled out Bill of Lading can cost your company upwards of $150 per shipment. An invalid ASN could be charged back to your company at a cost of $10.00 or more per carton. These are only a few of the things that could be Charged Back to you as a Wholesaler! There are many more.

We are very skilled at recovering Vendor Chargebacks and have recovered for our Clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We have a proven track record that speaks for itself. This is ONLY one of the reasons that our Clients have remained with us

for years.

While some Chargebacks are inevitable, there is no doubt that we can help your company minimize these penalties.

​To learn more about how we can help you company address this problem please contact us at, or

by calling us at (646) 346-2623.

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