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360 Solutions specializes in Recouping Chargebacks. We've helped many of our clients increase their Bottom Lines by reducing or eliminating Chargebacks. Contact us at: for more information. 


• 360 Solutions is full service professional company. We will fulfill all of your back office and data management requirements.

• 360 Solutions maintains a state-of-the-art computer system and allows you to log into the system at anytime from anywhere that you have the internet through a secure link.

• We are fully EDI compliant with all major trading partners.

• We enable you to have full control of your business.

• We turn your weekly and monthly fixed overhead into a variable expense that's easily calculated into your pricing structure.

• Our office is located in Midtown Manhattan.

• We have a simple fee, a percentage, based on your volume and wholesale price points. Our fees are due as you ship after we have invoiced your customer.

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